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Bane of the Magi

Dink meets a giant dragon. From the COTPATD project. An army of the damned is created. From the COTPATD project.
September 25th, 2003
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant He/Him Australia
I've played the version with patch 1.1.

Summary: Dink starts out as a Duck and then agrees to help Matridge free a town from the evil clutches of the "Bringer of Light"

This DMOD has a lot of good things going for it, but it still has a number of annoying bugs.

Graphics: Some graphics from other DMODs which is nice. Some new bits of scenery and items which is always welcome. Dink is made small a couple of times which kinda works except for moving around and talking to some objects.

Map: Nice work in general, although I found myself continually getting hung on bits of hardness in the forest. A little too cluttered for my tastes, a couple of hardness bugs at edges of the cliff. But there is a lot of good detail work here.

Sounds: Loved a lot of the midis - especially the soundtrack to 1492 (I used this in SOB too - it's great), also the classical piece of Sceherazade. Sound effects were new, but the stuff for the boncas was too long a sound I found.

Scripting: lots of stuff here, with changing monsters on the same map - this I found this both good and bad, if you exited and entered the same screen quickly the types of monsters jumped around which was annoying... but if you were looking for some extra points/gold then doing this to get the grey boncas was handy.

Bugs: A few of these remain, which is annoying. There is a graphical glitch that appeared at times. Dink would idle and change direction. And when using fireball magic against trees a bmp of dink would appear in the tree sequence. I got the being put in jail sequence twice and one time the friendly Guard appeared and told be to climb down a tree. Never could figure out how to do this... so I just walked out the other door.

Sometimes the guards would say weird things... such as that the bridge was repaired leading to the north but it wasn't.

Meena would repeat herself even though I found the scroll before talking to her.

Conversation was missing in dialogue with Matridge - especially towards the end.

In the end I got the Sceptre about 5 times... Then Matridge didn't provide any help as to what to do next... but thankfully the girl in the Church did. I got frozen at the portal/gate to heaven, and had to force quit the game here.

The whole business of thief skills almost went by without me knowing about it, until a door leading to the Netherworld... it kept saying I would have to come back later as I couldn't pick it right now... this I found a little confusing. It was then I remembered someone talking on the DN about thief skills so... I went looking for the person who was meant to teach me thief skills - I found the Jackal but talking with him already assumed he had trained me - which he hadn't, but my thief skills were already so high. I then went into the scripts to see what has happening... found the Jackal script and realised that although I now had excellent thief skills - noone had told me about the "H" key. In the end I just bombed the door to get it open.

The evil Hades boss reappears if you kill it, and thinks it is talking to the skeleton army which wasn't there any longer. A number of mini-bosses (those with locked screens) should have been once only instead of reappearing all the time.

Also Mother's dialogue when you return to heaven with the complete secptre is not right... it gives you options to talk about the sphere... when you've already got it.

Specials: New play with choosing between warrior and mage. Very nice. Thief skills are great, shame they aren't more clearly explained.

Overall: A good DMOD, with some frustrating and some annoying bugs. And why does Dink start out as a duck????

Score: 8.5 out of 10
September 22nd, 2003
Score : 9.6 exceptional
In "Bane of the Magi" Dink arrives at the town of Palona to discover that the mysterious Bringer of Light has taken up residence and that there has been a ban on magic. In his quest to uncover the motives of the Bringer of Light Dink must choose whether to accept training to become a mage or a warrior. I chose to become a mage.

Strengths: An interesting storyline combined with great gameplay made this a very pleasurable D-Mod. That I had to make choices only increased my enjoyment of the game. There are lots of secrets and goodies to be found, such as potions and gold, and these help you immensely. For the most part, what you had to do and why you had to do it were explained very well. There are several new and terrific spells and weapons. The thief training was an amazing addition to the game and came in very handy.

Graphics: The game has great graphics and I was quite impressed with some of the stuff I saw that was new to me. I nearly fell off my chair when I hit a chest and it came alive and started attacking me. Wow! I also enjoyed Dink shrinking in size in the room with the dragon statue and then when he goes to hail Charon. I was also impressed with the graphics for the spells such as the Spirit Door and the Earth Rune. Skeleton warriors? With the sounds they made they were truly creepy. There are more examples I could name, like the waterfall, but suffice it to say they were all done extremely well.

Map: The map was decorated very nicely and there is a variety of different locations in the game. The town of Palona is done very well especially with the buildings having nice details, such as the rooms at the inn and the different shelf contents in the houses. The marketplace was excellent with a number of people walking around making general comments and lots of goodies on the tables, as you would expect to see at a market. With its barren landscape, eerie sounds and numerous monsters, like the skeleton warriors, I, uh, may have become a little frightened by the Underworld when I played the game late at night. Overall, a very good job.

Weaknesses: The game froze on me several times especially when I tried to talk to someone while there were a lot of people around (the marketplace comes to mind) or if I pressed the "H" key to look for secrets when someone was trying to talk to me. Most of the people in the town gave the same answers over and over to the only two questions I was allowed to ask, which became annoying after a while, though it occurred to me that this was perhaps done deliberately to illustrate the negative hypnotic effect the Bringer of Light had on the town. There was one area of the game in particular that I went to after I had forgotten to go and collect my new spells, and there was no way to leave the area to get the spells without first completing the task I had been sent there to do.

Overall Impression: I was really, really impressed with this game. I loved having the choice between becoming a mage or a warrior, whether to be good or evil, or somewhere in between, and having to decide whether or not to accept the thief training, knowing that all these choices would affect the outcome of the game. As stated before, I played as a mage and the new spells were really extraordinary. Having a spell that can send you back to a location where you placed a marker? Fantastic. And the first few times I used the Spike spell I just sat back and watched it go. A lot of time and hard work must have gone into the making of this game, and it shows. An excellent D-Mod.
June 8th, 2005
Score : 9.9 exceptional
actually, this is the best D-mod i have ever played, i love the story, the enemies, the graphics... i love EVERYTHING!

but one thing i didn't understand, how do you become evil?
i love being evil in games but i only could be good

The Story:
the story is great, i love the part where you are in heaven (or something)
and you meet your mother, if every D-mod would be this good, they would be TOO good, but why is dink a duck?

overall the story get 9,9.

The Graphics
the only new graphic i saw was the skeleton, but darn it was cool!
so i cant say much, But it's also cool when dink is small, in some places, everything look so BIG!

not so many new graphics so i give it a 8,0 but they are used creatively.

The Sounds
It was pretty long ago i played this D-mod so i dont remember many sounds...
But i'll give it a 9,0 anyway, as i said, i LOVE this D-mod

i found no hardness errors or anything wrong.

The weaknesses
nothing really, i see that many people said it freezed often, but it never happened to me.

overall i give it a 9,9!
January 6th, 2005
Score : 8.5 good
Graphics: 9/10 Well the moving chest was pretty nice, I really liked those skeleton wariors and the spiders.

Sound: 8/10 The midis were pretty good but they started to get anoying after a few hours of playing. There were some new sounds but i didn't really like them.

Storyline: 8/10 The main storyline was fantastic except for the begining... How did Dink get into that mess? (I mean the whole duck buisnes...)

Map: 9/10 Well it is nicely decorated but the forest near the first town was a little messy. I liked that the map in the other world looks very big because it's actually looping.

Bugs: 2/10 This part is really crappy! The game often crashed when talking to people, when Dink was idle he changed direction, when you try to burn down trees a picture of Dink appears in the tree, in the end I got that scepter thing four times!
Anyway there are too many bugs in the game and I really won't write about all of them here.

Specials: 10/10 The best part of this dmod! There are only two diferent endings for the game but there are 4 different ways to play the game you can be good or evil and also mage or warior+if you find the jackal guy you can use the thieving skills that come in handy through the game.

Overall: 8.5 Well it is a very good dmod with a lot of new stuff, though a little hard. So download it if you want a very nice dmod with a lot of bugs and crashes...
November 26th, 2004
Score : 8.0 good
Bane of hte Magi By Ric

It's almost the best dmod i played. It tricky to play because the various ways to play. I like the thief thing. It's good. Good graphics and not to easy to play. You must really serach your way. I like that.

THe story? Real fine. I was really stuck to my computer from beginning till the end of the game. I like th4e thing that he did see his mother again. It's fun to see. I liked the magic of the game.
I played it as a mage. I was quit evil but that's fun.

For anyone who is still be playing the dmod or wants to play it I recommend it. It's a good game.

But there were a few bad things:
* sometimes you froze up and I had to quit to windows and restart
* the meena problem. I found the scroll real quick. But meena still talk about it
* I had the scepter about 3 or 4 times. That's was not necessary.

But in the end it is a good dmod
July 23rd, 2004
Score : 8.6 good
Peasant He/Him
This was a great game. Combines excellent graphics with challenging tasks but doesnt get too repetitive, although I hated having to find Martridge's cabin. Great spells. The only problem I can remember is that if I bought the stun bow and/or the throwing axe and then equipted the axe, the bow dissapeared. If I equipted the regular sword, both axe and bow dissapeared. I just got used to the herb boots, but that would be a good thing for a patch in the future...
March 12th, 2004
Score : 7.0 good
I liked the good/evil mage/warrior part, but there were too many powerfull creatures when you first start. Also if freezes up, ALOT. sometimes returning to windows, sometimes i had to just restart the computer. The map was really well done, no boring spots. The 2 new creatures were cool (attacking chest and the undead warriors) I would have given it a 9 if it wasn't for all the times it froze up.
February 25th, 2004
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Graphics: Nothing new.

Scenery: Excellent, I liked the town and how much effort was put into it.
Heaven was also wonderful, meeting Dink's mother was very nice. (sob)

Storyline: Unclear at first, but becomes stronger later.

Bugs: Uh oh...
-Game crashed after asking about trouble in town.
-Devil's army didn't re-appear after defeating it, but Delil does, and references it over and over...
-Couldn't meet with fairy when a mage.

Overall: Needs only Slight improvement.
February 15th, 2004
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant She/Her
I started playing Dink a few days ago. For me this DMod is too hard. In the original Dink you can kills the monsters. In this one there are few ways to get more power or life. The monsters and those gray bugs kill you fast. Can't find away to extend my life cycle except by buying healing. I am stealing all the gold I can get and that is not pleasant in Dink you get the gold as soon as you find it you don't have to steal it. You have to steal it or you cannot buy the sword, bombs etc.The graphic backgrounds kind of run into each other when using the arrows and it confusing to find out where you are. This is too hard for me.Just when I think I got somewhere the screen blacks out brings me back to the desk top. I already installed the patch. It blacks out less.
So consider I am not a advanced player and put this all into context.
September 12th, 2003
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant She/Her Canada
We can out-drink most Americans! 
Bane of Magi by Ric

Pro’s: This is a very finely detailed dmod. Windowpanes in the windows, people talking in the market, the sounds of the monsters. You are given the choice in this dmod : to be a Warrior or a Magician. I (I chose to play the Warrior). There are lots of monsters to be seen, mostly the usual kind, but they will reappear after you leave a scene, even if you have already killed them. Enough Save boots in the right places, with lots of people walking around making general comments. One fellow, for a tidy sum will give you clues to hidden treasures. Some of those clues remain valuable, as you might need them to retrace your steps. Plenty of people to save, as well as Dink’s world and I especially like the <H> key which came in handy many a time. The whole idea of having heaven/hell as well as the normal Dink Land, was especially exciting.. The Midi’s were the usual sort, but to hear an actual pillbug squeal gave me a laugh. Though we didn’t see any new characters (except at the last), the whole concept of a town coming to life, making small talk in the market, was well done. The thieves and the beggars, the farmers and the people at the fruit/vegetable stand, all doing their jobs.

Con’s: The Swordsman kept giving me Light Swords every time I talked to him (this was when I already had been given one). Some hardness spots showed up, when talking to a few people standing to close froze the game. I think a map would have been helpful as at times I kept going around in circles. . For some reason Merlin quit talking to me, except to say: well done. The thieves that kept trying to steal my money, got rather annoying after a bit, and some of the mundane answers from the people in their homes, got sort of boring.

Overall: A great dmod, which had me, frustrated at times, while other times was quite enjoyable.