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Bane of the Magi

Dink meets a giant dragon. From the COTPATD project. An army of the damned is created. From the COTPATD project.
September 12th, 2003
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Female Canada
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Bane of Magi by Ric

Proís: This is a very finely detailed dmod. Windowpanes in the windows, people talking in the market, the sounds of the monsters. You are given the choice in this dmod : to be a Warrior or a Magician. I (I chose to play the Warrior). There are lots of monsters to be seen, mostly the usual kind, but they will reappear after you leave a scene, even if you have already killed them. Enough Save boots in the right places, with lots of people walking around making general comments. One fellow, for a tidy sum will give you clues to hidden treasures. Some of those clues remain valuable, as you might need them to retrace your steps. Plenty of people to save, as well as Dinkís world and I especially like the <H> key which came in handy many a time. The whole idea of having heaven/hell as well as the normal Dink Land, was especially exciting.. The Midiís were the usual sort, but to hear an actual pillbug squeal gave me a laugh. Though we didnít see any new characters (except at the last), the whole concept of a town coming to life, making small talk in the market, was well done. The thieves and the beggars, the farmers and the people at the fruit/vegetable stand, all doing their jobs.

Conís: The Swordsman kept giving me Light Swords every time I talked to him (this was when I already had been given one). Some hardness spots showed up, when talking to a few people standing to close froze the game. I think a map would have been helpful as at times I kept going around in circles. . For some reason Merlin quit talking to me, except to say: well done. The thieves that kept trying to steal my money, got rather annoying after a bit, and some of the mundane answers from the people in their homes, got sort of boring.

Overall: A great dmod, which had me, frustrated at times, while other times was quite enjoyable.