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As Good As Eternity

July 15th, 2002
Final+ (Rev 8)
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Peasant She/Her Russia
When I released As Good As Eternity there were quite a lot of reviews, so it may seem strange that I write this now. But some old reviews, written for the old version of the game, may mislead a person who reads them. Especially mimifish’s, who regretfully couldn’t find some time to reconsider what he wrote about the earlier one.
First of all, the story. I think it is good, as anybody agree. I’d like to write something with some plot twist, but alas, nothing of the kind came to my mind. So it is just good. It has two endings, which have nothing to do with number of letters gathered (you won’t be able to proceed till you have all needed, mimifish is wrong here).
The gameplay. Some people may think it’s too easy, but it is a game, not real war, it’s a relaxation. Hence a lot of secrets, gold to find (and to spend). Even the end boss is scripted so that virtually any player can defeat him. His (not Dink’s, mimifish!) stats are defined by Dink’s, and regardless of the weapon armed (alas, mimifish, you are wrong again!).
The landscape. I can agree to some extent with SimonK. I tried to make it beautiful, but somewhere it could be less stuffed with sprites. There are a lot of landmarks, so you may be able to play even if you don’t have a map, but there are 3 of them.
Graphics. There are some new. Personally I like the end boss most. Other graphics are worked out considering their usage, so not all usual sequences are present, just needed in the game. New characters, new interior elements, new (modified) magic and weapons.
Sound was selected carefully; I tried to make midis go well with the gameline.
Some humor, some classic poetry (has anybody noticed it, I wonder?).
There are no puzzles to get stuck, and talking to everybody you may always find out what to do. If you like a game to relax, not a hard challenge - this Dmod is for you.
In the whole it is a good achievement for the beginner. Maybe it is not so great as POTA with its twisted plot, not so innovative as SOB, but you will spend some pleasant hours.