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One of the less appealing screens from Apex. From the COTPATD project. One of the more appealing screens from Apex. From the COTPATD project. A screen form the D-Mod
February 19th, 2005
Score : 5.5 fair
This is clearly an early draft of what could become an excellent game. At this point, it is far too "buggy" to receive a better rating, but it could be a great game with more work.

There are lots of hardness errors (on nearly every single screen, in fact). At several points my computer crashed.

There are also simple plotting errors that hurt the gameplay. For example, you can accidentally walk onto the screen where the wizard gives you fireball magic, long before anyone tells you about the "secret island where you can get fireball magic." If someone gives you an item, you can simply talk to them again to get another one (I wound up with 3 firebows!). Similarly, when you find the magic well, keep talking to it to indefinitely increase your stats or money. Sometimes, you "complete" quests without completing it (e.g., the lady asked for 3 mushrooms, I found only two, but she thanked me for finding all three; I later found the third, but it was then useless). Another problem, the long rambling discussions that you can neither SPACE-bar through or quit. There are many causes for similar complaints in this game.

These negatives, unfortunately, outweigh the considerable positives, which include a rather interesting plot. Once the errors and plot defects are fixed, I'll play it again, and it may rate a 9.0 (or better).