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And that's just the beginning of his name!
June 13th, 2006
Score : 0.4 horrible
Well, I figure that one with a warped perspective like me must review this one some time. This is an interesting frame of words... I refrane from using the word D-Mod, because this is not a D-Mod, repeat, THIS IS NOT A DMOD! There is no sense of adventure or story, or anything else you would think a D-Mod would have. It is a very neat piece of artistry- but frankly it is not really worth downloading (especially if you are looking for a D-Mod). While I feel that it is extremely unfair to review this one as a D-Mod- with my goal of eventually reviewing every D-Mod, I feel that I am obligated to.

There is no real storyline, other than that Dink tells you his name... I think however this would really add a very classy, artistic view to the original Dink game if it was added to the beginning- before you have to feed the pigs... otherwise there is really not enough material to review this plot-wise.

There is no music, no sound... not that this really needed it... but I think that a custom song to go with Dink's name would have been nice.

There is no gameplay...none at all. You can't control a single thing. Alright?


I feel obligated to write a good end note. Because of the ratings and poor reviews of this screen of words, I feel that it has a tendency to be overlooked. This is a cleverly humorous play on modern day usage of three-five, (sometimes eight) differant names assigned to a single person. This would have not logically been the case in Dink's day, where most people would have a single name... SO then we have to have Dink be absolutely contrary to reason and have a twenty-six part name... This is an astonishing work of interest (albeit, not the style that I generally like). It shows some effort to be unreasonable and contrary to "the system", plus- you can hardly say the title in a single breath. So before you pass it by, consider this- this is the sort of D-Mod that Andy Warhol would have made. That does not make it good (at least, not in my opinion), but that it is tasteful and intriguing...