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And that's just the beginning of his name!
August 12th, 2009
Score : 0.1 horrible
Bard He/Him Netherlands
I object 
This DMOD is the highest achievable level of modern art. Where other DMODs struggle to fail at succeeding here is a DMOD that succeeds in failing. Why settle for something that is merely atrocious when you can have the worst there will ever be? Not downloading this superb work of minimalism can only be considered an act of apathy.

Only a total barbarian could wonder where this DMOD is about. Everybody else should be able to understand the inherent greatness that this DMOD has without the need for something as superfluous as gameplay. Who needs a story when you can have a piece of Dinknetwork history on your harddisk?

This DMOD is certainly the best DMOD of its kind, unfortunately its kind sucks. Giving this DMOD anything else then a 0.0 would therefore be an insult to this DMOD's specific qualities.