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Knight's Tale (A)

Jarvis tells you who he is and what he's here to say. From the COTPATD project.
March 10th, 2004
Score : 8.1 good
Peasant Female Canada
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A Knight's Tale 1.00 by SabreTrout

The Good: Spiffy little character named Jarvis, who has an attitude.
Nice scenery and music (while it lasted), nice array of monsters, townspeople and all were helpful, had a chuckle at the singing.

The Bad: Not enough save bots, a few small hardness errors, but nothing of importance (and what do I do with all this money?) I hate the end boss, and Jarvis did alot of zipping around trying to kill it.

Overall: A nice dmod romp, good for a chuckle.

Note: Before submitting this, I noticed some reviewers made a reference to "Warcraft". Having never heard of the game, it made playing Jarvis all the more fun.