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Peasant Male France

Long-time Dinker here, I currently maintain GNU FreeDink, Dink Translation, used to co-maintain The Dink Solutions.

I lost my "9 Gems of Life II" redux in a disk crash years ago and never got the courage to start a real D-Mod since. Someday I will

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2019-02-25 18:06:39
Peasant Male France
@RangerLord & @SlipDink
I currently don't have various physical Windows versions ready for testing, and the Win7 VM from doesn't help (bad graphic drivers).
It is possible that Vista is not supported anymore by the compiler and/or SDL2 version I use, and I cannot test the printscreen issue.

I see you're using the version from WineHQ (not the one from Ubuntu).
FreeDink 109.6 uses newer technologies (though still 32-bit) and hence you can consider it's a recent application in your configuration (even if it's running a 20-yo game ).
Also FreeDink works in my version of wine (4.0-1/Debian) except the sound is buggy.

Ubuntu never updates applications, with few exceptions (browsers, security fixes...), so they won't update FreeDink for 16.04, sadly
I though you were using a more recent Ubuntu so the Debian binaries probably won't work.
Right now you'll have to compile from sources, cf. the "BUILD" file and the instruction for Debian should work. Running "debuild" should work too if you want .deb's.
EDIT: also thanks for the detailed report Copy/paste error messages/screenshot so we can understand what went wrong.

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