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Kingdom of Chaos ( The )

From the COTPATD project.
This is the final update for this DMOD which is designed for the Ris to Power contest. Please this is the latest submission so please consider this one for the contest and discard the other 2 (Versions 1.00 submitted on July 20th, and 1.01 submitted on August 19th) .

Upload date: Wednesday 20/08/2008.
Version: 1.02

1) Fairy in Martridge's cottage disappears sometimes, but talking to it still works.
2) Final boss does not follow Dink to attack him, so that makes the game a lot easier.

If you have any questions or you're stuck somewhere, please contact me asap on the email so that you are not delayed with the ranking of this DMOD for the contest's results. Thanks for all your help, and sorry for any inconvenience I've caused you all.
Released:September 13th, 2008
File Size:7.35 MB
Release Notes:All graphics from the original Dink removed by staff to reduce file size.
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September 19th, 2008
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Female Canada
We can out-drink most Americans! 
The Good: For a first time d-mod maker, the author did a half decent job on it. I enjoyed the "warping", and once I got "past a silly part" (I tend to over-think to much) was able to enjoy the rest of the game. Lots of save-bots. I would have like a few more magic spells (i.e. fire). Some nice new refreshing graphics, and a few "secrets spots", added to the fun of the game.

The Bad: Well, no change in the overall map, and I did manage to "get stuck" on several spots (thanks for the save bots) and when Dink was masquering as a solider...he changed back to his Dink self when fighting.

Overall: Like I wrote above not to bad for a first time dmod maker. I expect it to have a 2 and maybe even 3rd part to it, and I look forward to playing them.
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