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Kingdom of Chaos ( The )

From the COTPATD project.
April 24th, 2013
Score : 6.7 fair
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I really enjoyed this game for the most part.

Story: Dink wants to make a pumpkin pie. So you go off and fetch a pumpkin. On the way back you run into a lady in distress. So you save her, and your reward for saving her, is being poisoned with a loyalty potion. As it turns out she's the Queen of a land with such barren soil crops won't grow. Her people are starving and dying. Eventually the story takes off when you agree to follow her orders as a loyal subject and forcibly remove King Daniel from his throne. It's a really fun and enjoyable story.

Map: The map is pretty much all the same from the original game. There are a few new screens, or updates to screens here and there. Though I've noticed the author forgot to remove things that were on different visions, and adjust hardness in certain areas. All the secrets treasures and random encounters are still active. Though bridges tend to be invisible. There were certain errors here and there that had to do with hardness or warps. (Like the cave to the darklands is open, but the warp sends you inside your house).

Midis&Sounds: Nothing stood out. So it's neither really good or really bad. The sounds seemed to match up as far as I could tell. There's never really much to say about this.

Gameplay: It's really easy combat-wise(Actually the only thing you're required to fight are a few knights in the beginning and then just some people that don't fight back) . However it can be quite challenging trying to figure out what to do next sometimes.

I would recommend this. I do hope the author will eventually clean it up a bit though.
September 19th, 2008
Score : 7.0 good
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The Good: For a first time d-mod maker, the author did a half decent job on it. I enjoyed the "warping", and once I got "past a silly part" (I tend to over-think to much) was able to enjoy the rest of the game. Lots of save-bots. I would have like a few more magic spells (i.e. fire). Some nice new refreshing graphics, and a few "secrets spots", added to the fun of the game.

The Bad: Well, no change in the overall map, and I did manage to "get stuck" on several spots (thanks for the save bots) and when Dink was masquering as a solider...he changed back to his Dink self when fighting.

Overall: Like I wrote above not to bad for a first time dmod maker. I expect it to have a 2 and maybe even 3rd part to it, and I look forward to playing them.