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Hi my name's Stephanie Rose Barnett. I'm 13 years old and I live in Scotland.
I like to read, write and draw. Also, I like to work on, in my spare time, challenging dmods. I hope that soon, one of them might be released.

Web Page I'll be getting one soon.
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2002-08-16 11:08:09
: Do you mean as in his base walk, base idle etc? And do you want the fireball attack included? I can't help you much unless you are more specific but here goes...

: In the script "Start-1", it has base_walk and base_attack. If you find the dragon sprites in the editor, round down the number to the nearest 10. And add a base_idle, which is the same as base_walk. If you wish to have a fireball attack, just ask, and I'll e-mail you a response, or post it here.

: And I can only assume you are making a d-mod with a dragon as the character. Don't forget to check out my file "Alternative Heroes"!

: (Sorry everbody, you know how I like to advertise my files!)

I am making a d-mod with a dragon as the character, and by the way, I've checked out your file, "Alternative Heroes". It was a really good file. Thanks for your help.

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