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Dink + Godzilla = Dinkzilla
Released:February 26th, 2006
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Release Notes:v1.1
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May 18th, 2002
Score : 0.1 horrible
This is pretty much a mix between Godzilla and Dink Smallwood. Its a bit like hot-dogs and cakes, they're both good, but make a terrible mess and taste horrible when mixed together. So you go around hitting small, weak monsters and then fight a boss. Needless to say, you probably have better things to do. I've seen some pretty short and bad D-Mods, but this just takes the cake. Incredibly easy would be a compliment to this D-Mod, but incrediby easy, incredibly boring and incredibly BAD would be more specific. I usually try to avoid finishing a bad D-Mod, but this was so extremely short I finished it without noticing. Plus, how the hell does that pig kill you?

Graphics: Nothing new, but at least it isn't like Secret of Amehoela.
Gameplay: none. Zilch. Zippo. Void. Dink walks around beating the crap out of a load of tiny monsters and fight a crappy boss.
Challenge: Come again?
Absolutly none. you'll either be done in 5 minutes or you'll give up halfway. I personally don't like impossibly difficult D-mods, but this sort of thing is just insulting to your intelligence.
Plot: has more holes than Rab C. Nesbitt's shirt. is absolutly un-noticable and has the most stupidest twist on this planet... "It was all a dream." I certainly didn't want to see that ending coming. Plus, it just starts without an introduction, which is bad.
Dialogue: Nothing but "Quack! No!" and a couple of other crappy lines. A waste of the pixels they're made out of.

Good bits: Its really easy, so is good for a person with a sponge for a brain.

Bad bits: Its really easy, so isn't good for someone who doesn't have a sponge for a brain.
Has less good points than a seive can hold water.
Piss poor in all areas.
Boss is, like the rest of the game, too easy.
Theres a glitch where the small slayers leave big bodies.

Final Verdict: I've seen better D-mods. I really have. I would rather have watched ABCDEFG...etc again than have to play this (apologies to ehasl). Don't download even if you are suicidally bored. I'm sure death would be better than this.

Rating: 0.1 (haven't you seen this sort of grade in a lot of my reviews?)