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2011-07-12 01:52:43
Peasant Male
I've decided on Ireland, but the Netherlands is still an option in the back of my mind. I figured I'd ask here for more information about it because this is the most multicultural board I know of where people still kinda somewhat (maybe not) know me.

As far as drinking and/or other things go, I don't need to worry about it because I don't partake in any of it.

Skull, it's kind of funny you mention Finland. I got a job offer a few months back to go to Norway and work as a graphics developer. Norway isn't Finland, but it's pretty close. Obviously, I didn't take it, though I probably should have.

Mrgantoe, what does "caipitiúil ar an chuid is fearr" mean, exactly? The best I can do with my elementary Gaelic is "capital of the better portion"...or something. Is it like, "best of the best"?

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