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Recent Release Rumble Q4 2011 Results

Here they are, the results of the last RRR of 2011!
Click on the comments to see who won...

Even though there were only 14 votes for Q4's Non D-Mod files (ouch, we're hitting rock bottom) it is still enough to crown our Non D-Mod file of Q4 of 2011!

D-Mods were not voted for during this RRR, because only one D-Mod was uploaded in Q4 of 2011, so once again congratulations to SabreTrout for winning with his Valhalla -D-Mod.

Here are the results:

Non D-Mod files:

4th place: (0 votes, 0% of total)
Half Life Midi Pack by Kerrek

Zeds homemade MIDI's deuce by Zeddexx

Pilgrim's Quest Cheat by yetisyny

3rd place: (1 vote, 7% of total)
PSP Dink by Beuc

Christmas 2011 (Wallpaper) by Iplaydink

2nd place: (4 votes, 29% of total)
Christmas Fan Dinktion 1 - Stories by Merder, DinkDoodler, Pillbug, MrGantoe and Absolution

1st place: (8 votes, 57% of total)
WinDinkedit Plus 2 by RW

Congratulations to the winner and