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Everything Dink 02: The Future of Dink Smallwood

Some of you may have heard that Dink Smallwood and its community have a rich history, and it's true (exhibit one, two, three and four). While Dink's history might be a nice topic for some other time, I'm now going to talk about the opposite: the future of Dink Smallwood.

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Is Dink dying? Don't let Dink die! (no really). It seems many people have been afraid for the future of Dink for ages now. And I'm pretty sure many of you don't see the future of this site too bright, judging from many posts on the boards. But why is this? I'd say the Dink Community is very much alive and kicking, and the future does look bright! I'll let my crystal ball do some talking:

1) The return of the DOTM! Well, kind of.
Yes, you heard that right, the Download of the Month awards will be back! However, my crystal ball senses some changes. It's new times, new rules and even a new name this time around. Stay tuned for the first real download awards since two years ago, next month!

2) Influx of new members.
School's out. For summer. And longtime Dinkers know what that means. Yes, it's the annual summer n00bfest! Countless of Dead Dragon Carcass virgins will find their way to the Dink Network, because without school, what else is there to do? But some Dinkers here also did their best to spread Dink around like an STD. Our favorite aquatic vertebrate animal got us a mention in Edge Magazine, Beuc made a fantastic Linux Sticky, and yours truly is in the process of getting the word out there in the Linux communities. With your help, the Dink Network will be more popular than ever before! Tell all your friends and family about Dink Smallwood and seduce the people at the forums you frequent into Dink. Get the word out there!

3) Awesome D-Mods being released this year.
2009 may not have been a big year for D-Mods yet, but lately the amount of files being submitted has gone dramatically up again. And if we take a quick glance at the Upcoming D-Mods List, we see that Wesley's Friends Beyond 2 is nearing completion, and last I heard, Skull's Historical Hero is seeing tremendous progress, and looks to be a huge epic to boot! Oh, and my crystal ball says to prepare for two D-Mods unlike anything you've seen before. Previews coming soon! *end futile attempt at hype no.2*

Well, that wraps up the second Everything Dink (and the name remains cheesy). How do you see the future of Dink Smallwood? Discuss!