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Yay a Duck farm owned by MW. Rob Pilatus is suicidal on the cliffs Wtf?
February 28th, 2006
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Male
This DMOD made me laugh out loud several times. Being both a fan of music and a hater of Milli Vanilli probably contributed to enjoyment of this farce. I remember playing the Journey game for Atari and Seth's DMOD is at least as good as that.

The gameplay is simple, and yet there is just enough complication in the quest to make you think for a second. Where is Rob? How can you get save him from despair?

Just like the Silmarillion, the creative power of music saves the world.

This DMOD reminds of almost every teen flick from the 80s, which all seemed obligated to end with a terrible musical number.

It makes fun of two twits. It's short.

It ran out of twits to make fun of.

There's nothing wrong a very short romps, as long as you weren't expecting an epic.