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I'm an independent contract programmer who's a big fan of Seth's work, starting with L.O.R.D. More than you'll ever want to know about me can be found on my web site.

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2006-02-28 23:51:45
Peasant Male
Wow. This should not not be, but here it is.

There appears to be something "funny" about WavePad and

I edited a WAV from Search for Milli Vanilli with WavePad.
I simply took a smaller sample of the entire file. I saved
this as a 22050hz, 8 bit mono PCM file (176 bitrate). When
I right clicked on the file, I confirmed that these settings
were the same as the original.

I copied the file into my DMOD, added a load_sound("", XX)
line to start.c. I then started my DMOD.

Dink crashed hard.

I turned on debugging, but I didn't see anything helpful there.
I know that it finds the file.

I dug around the source code to Dink, but I didn't see anything

I then opened my "problem file" in crappy old Windows Sound
Recorder and resaved the file. The Dink engine was then fine
with the file.


If Dan or the folks working on the Dink source want reproducible
test files to crash their builds, drop me a line. I would be
nice to know where the crash happens and at least trap it.

(It might be in ReadData() [who the heck implements functions in
header files?!]).

Just to make life interesting, a WAV file I produced with Cakewalk
Sonar 4 worked fine. Also note: do not load_sound() 4MB files.
Dink.exe gets grumpy.

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