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Yay a Duck farm owned by MW. Wtf? Rob Pilatus is suicidal on the cliffs
December 27th, 2018
Score : 5.9 fair
Peasant Male Germany
I've got no mouth 
This D-mod is obviously meant to be a joke (hopefully). You can play through it in 5 minutes and after you've finished it you wonder what you actually have played.
The story is quite simple: Search and reunite Milli Vanilli, so they can perform on stage. On your dangerous journey you'll also meet a young girl crying around until you reunited the band, a shop keeper from who you can buy one CD multiple times and some slow-walking slayers which you shouldnt fight until you've come to the glorious end of this D-mod (which doesn't take long, as said before) , at which your stats are raised pretty high.
The gameplay is mostly about walking around and talking to the characters introduced before. You also have to find 8 treasure chest to get enough money to buy the CD (after you bought it you even have one gold coin left!), but that shouldn't be a problem.
The CD is a pretty cool concept, you get it as magic, and the midi which plays, when you "shoot" the CD, is just as long as the magic needs to restore (if you have collected all the magic potions).
Even if gameplay and mapping aren't that good it's worth a play. You won't be smarter at the end, but at least a bit entertained and you had 5 minutes of life you weren't bored.

I give it a 5.9 out of 10