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Maybe his cousin or long lost brother Here fishy fishy!
April 9th, 2005
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male
Gameplay 9.8: Fun through the whole game. Not too hard, not too easy. Short, but free, and D-Mods lengthen the playing time. Dink says some funny things when he hits stuff, and it's always fun to kill ducks.

Also included in this download is RTSoft's D-Mod "Mystery Island", which takes Dink out on the sea with a ship and to an island with robots and cameras. That game is more buggy than the original, and does not fit very well with the time setting, but there are a lot of new graphics. No matter how good or bad "Mystery Island" is, it will not have impact on the Gameplay score.

Graphics 2.0: Only 2D, most of the people look the same, and the sprites do not turn in different directions, they are just suddenly facing another way. 640x480 pixels and 256 colors is not good enough.

Sound/Music 8.0: The sounds are OK, but not more. (At least most of) The music is not written by RTSoft, but it fits well everywhere, and I cannot remember any particularly annoying tracks. Many of them are very good classical pieces.

Bugs/Stability 6.0: There are many bugs in the game without the 1.07 beta patch installed, and still some after installing it, but I think none of the bugs will prevent the player from completing the game.

Editing 7.0: I believe that although most serious, new games let their fans create mods, it is much easier with Dink. The DinkC language is simple and limited, but almost anything is possible, except 3D. The original DinkEdit that comes with this download does not work satisfyingly well with Windows XP/2000. The engine is not quick, and only supports .bmp graphics, .wav sounds and .mid music.

Overall 9.0: Dink Smallwood is a very good and entertaining game, although outdated in many ways. This version is also free, which is a great plus.