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Dink Smallwood

June 24th, 2007
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Male Australia steam
The guy with the cute D-Mod. 
So, Dink Smallwood, the beginning of it all. The game that started it all. Where it all started. So, I'm not a veteran Dinker, I never had the CD version, I downloaded the freeware version of the internet. This is a really good game. I played it again and again and again and yet again. It's that type of game that you can play multiple times, and not get bored. That's what I like about it.

But it is a mess. I must say, the end is kinda weird. I mean, you have a little chat to King Dan where he says "SMALLWOOD HAS RETURNED!". Then he goes on for about half a minute. You get a few potions and stuff, but nothing else. You can keep fighting monsters and that which I like, but the ending in general is a mess.

The story is pretty cool. You play as this boy named 'Dink Smallwood' and you fight monsters and complete quests as he becomes a hero. There are a number of puzzles to complete and at times you have to think. But overall, it's a fairly easy game. It could be harder, but it's just as good the way it is.

The gameplay of the game was pretty good I must say. There was a good balance of monsters. They give you a decent amount of gold. It made it most enjoyable. There isn't too much to say about the gameplay. Not that there really ever is...

I loved the music! It really went well with the game. There were quite a few interesting sounds. I don't know whether they made all the sounds and music. But either way, it's lovely.

The graphics were actually pretty cool. They're all done in 256 colours. It adds a certain feel to the game these graphics. I played the game, and almost straight away I was drawn to the game. They're a bit unusual and hard to make more of with today's graphics programs, but they're pretty good.

One thing, I've always wondered why you can't drop items. That would be truly awesome to be able to drop the items you don't need.

This is a well though-out game and I really enjoyed it. If you haven't already played the game, then I suggest you download it right now! It's fit for anyone who has a bit of time on their hands, doesn't mind some 'unusual' graphics, and loves computer games.

9.5 points out of 10