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Cloud Castle 2: Scarab

The Cloud Castle series has always been full of bugs.
September 8th, 2007
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Male Finland bloop
"I'd like to be a tree..." 
Scarab is an excellent choise, if you want a good game. And first of all, I DO have played Cloud Castle 1 through.

Story: After you fell off the Cloud Castle, with Alessa and Fabian, the evil fairy, Monkeynuts, took the control.
As you find out, that you fell to Dester Prison named Salamak, you'll soon find out, that there's an evil croup of baddies, which are together The Scarab Club Seven forever! The Goblins are preparing to attack, and rule the Salamak once again. And finally, when the Goblins have died, you need to kill the Ancient Jameil, so you can get out.

Mapping: The mapping rules! Just like in CC1. Only thing is, that this map is far more huge, than the map of the first part.

Gameplay: As if FIAT didn't have already enough side-quests and secrests for you, I'm sure, that Scarab has. Many new Monsters, and mini-quests in this exciting Epic. Alessa, Dertin, or Fabian have joined your party, you can talk to them. Too cool to tell. You HAVE to play it yourself.
Also there's The Temple of the Ancients, which has almost the BEST, and biggest areas ever in the history of D-Mods!
And the boss-mode made it perfect!

Good: Everything I said above!

Bad: I don't know, what to say!

Overal: I'm a huge fan of Scarab (and all Cloud Castles) myself, so it IS truly worth of 9.9 points! I can't resist it! This D-Mod is a good one, Sabre, and I'm looking foward for the part 3.

Fit for: For everyone. You can't be disapointed!