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Peasant Male Netherlands xbox steam
The Voice in the back of your head! 
-I love making D-Mods even if it is a relatively slow pace.
-I learn quickly. But i can get frustrated if i don't learn stuff fast enough.
-I love writing fiction. and i mean really do.
-I like to draw. but i think my digital drawing skills suck.
-I have weird luck
-I hate math but i am really skilled at it.

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2008-07-07 07:01:45
Peasant Male Netherlands xbox steam
The Voice in the back of your head! 
When looking trough some old files i found a old project of mine. i know there are other goblin war dmods(in the making or maybe even released) but mine is probably what different then those so i'l tell the plot and ask for help.
the story focuses on a goblin named Torg. int the few intro lines(i want graphics to fit those). in game i'll make them goblinish(or plain English if that is preferred).
anyway enjoy the plot(some of the grammer errors are intentional and thus stay there).

Nobody believes Torg. But Torg thinks Great Goblin war started by a great lie. A few years ago Torg heard some goblins talking about killing the humans. Torg thinking it was a joke. But now Torg in great war fighting humans. Torg thinks this no real war this a lie war. Torg tried telling the great Marg. But Marg not listen to Torg. Like torg said nobody believes Torg. but now Torg must find a way to reveal the to great Marg. But Torg not know how.

i hope you guys like it(despite to the goblinated grammatics). idk if this is the right catagory for it but the help i want is graphics music(i wan't unique music for it and not 'borrowed' music from other dmods) and i want someone to animate the intro plot text the current black screen with the text is not what i want.

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