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New D-Mod: Brovia- A mod I made for my Brother as a Christmas present

Mr. Silystra has released his first D-Mod: Brovia- A mod I made for my Brother as a Christmas present.

As you might tell from the title, Silystramade this D-Mod for his brother as a Christmas present. Now, if you are of the pessimistic sort, you might assume that if someone were to make their very first D-Mod, as a Christmas present for a close family member D-Mod no less, that it certainly would be full of hardness errors, broken scripts, and might be deserving of a Dink Forever Memorial Award of Badness.

You would be very, very wrong. This adventure both looks and plays great, and is a worthy addition to the our Parthenon of D-Mods.

This D-Mod reminds me of a time that I gave my own brother a similar birthday present over 20 years ago. I didn't give him a D-Mod (those take far too much work to create), but I did 'give' him a Geocities web page. I think I called it something lame like "Eric's Domain", and it had some pictures of cars on it. Sadly, we got into a fight a few months later, and somehow a much younger (and dumber) redink1 thought it would be a swell idea to delete his web page in vengeance.

So, Silystra, please do not delete this D-Mod if you ever get angry at your brother, it really isn't worth it, no matter how angry you might be.