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dink squad project final

nov 20 i will be leaving, forever

leaving michigan, that is. as for the dink squad, i will update it as i get pictures, but because i havent gotten any pictures in the last year thats been kind of hard to do. so consider it dead unless someone sends pic.

but seriously k im leaving michigan for good so we are going to have contests to give out all the prizes because im moving.

the remaining prize list breaks down into the following categories

3 x headless duck pins
3 x framed bonca prints
3 x bonca pillow cases
2 x bonca t shirts

CONTEST #1 is to come up with a contest

submit your idea for a contest in the comments

i will be picking the contest i wish to use, i will email the winner to send them their pick of ANY 2 of the above prizes

deadline for this contest is 2 weeks

also, to anyone who won a prize in the past, SEND ME A PICTURE of you w/ your prize