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SPOILER & Warning: Locking youself out of large part of game

The Disciple

February 4th, 09:40 PM
Ghost They/Them
First of all this dmod is excellent in everything you should definitely try this mod!

don't read further if you don't want spoilers (but then you might yourself out of some parts of the game)


After escaping the goblin prison you are in the mines and in the miner village you are tasked to find 3 items in 3 different mine shafts. When you enter the "strange one" (i think that is the description by one of the villagers) you encounter the boat and get to know the gods, I have not found a way back into the mine and you never start the revolt in the mine (and never make friends) - so you skip all parts of the dmod until the boatman

February 7th, 10:27 PM
Peasant He/Him
I Like War. 
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