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Cant get fire bow

Okaly-D Dink

August 28th 2003, 12:29 AM
Ghost They/Them
I have a problem with the screen freezing after I show the tool maker the fire turd, Is this a bug or is there something I have to do before I see him, He asks if I have a bow, (which I do) but then he just freezes?? Any help please.
August 30th 2003, 02:09 PM
Ghost They/Them

My guess... would be.. to make sure you have a bow? And...

Ya it probably is a bug, and I apologize that I still haven't done anything to get a new dmod up.

I just started college, but I haven't even spent the time I do have with dink.

Basically I'm waiting for the rewrite of the source and all the cool things added, so I know what my parameters are.

But on the other hand, when world of warcraft comes out, kiss that plan goodbye.

I'll release something before I'm out of college, I promise.