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Freenode #dinksmallwood migration to Libera

June 28th 2021, 08:09 AM
Peasant Australia steam
I've come to get my meat 
For those who haven't been keeping up, Freenode has undergone some interesting changes recently which have included the de-registration/deletion of everyone's existing account and channel. As a result of this and other instabilities, the majority of the userbase has migrated to a new network called Libera where I have managed to re-create the #dinksmallwood channel. My sincere hope is that magicman and WikiLinkBot also eventually make the switch along with the rest of you.
June 29th 2021, 08:43 AM
Peasant Male United States xbox steam
Love! True love! 
I joined, I'm sure it'll take some time for everyone to see this update.