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DinkHD Beta Report 1.7.5 - Broken Windows

Broken Windows

September 19th 2017, 08:00 PM
Happy to report a general lack of bugs

I don't remember why, but originally this D-Mod did not work properly in DinkHD so I added a warning at the beginning. Anyway, it seems fine now, that'll have to be removed

Playing through this I only noticed 1 issue:
When exploring the Program Files folder it's very slow and jerky, apparently DinkHD is having trouble handling the loop with many inside_box()'s which highlights the icons as Dink walks over them.
See progloop.c

There are similar smaller loops in sensor.c (highlights on Start menu) and cloop.c (highlighs in C drive), the former seems fine and the latter is slow but not as bad as progloop.c.

Here are the save files so you can skip to the end.

PS. Typing in Word is great and much faster than v1.08 which tends to lag and skip letters if you type too fast.