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September 13th, 2004
Score : 9.8 exceptional
This is the one of the very best original introductory screens I have seen in all of the Dmods/Tmods I play that link to a nice starting game. FIAT is also one of my favourites as the screen zooms in to one of the dude's eyes and FIAT starts. I could say that this is the better intro between the two. It makes an analysis of the default scripts of Original Dink Smallwood's story folder, then sees that the intro.d script has an error and the screen crashes, creating a whole new game in which in DinkC scripts are wrong and something seems to create all this errors.

But it would be better if the scripts were put in the same form as that in the story folder until intro.d as that would make the game more realistic. For example I put in a new script before the intro.d script. The game would have been more realistic if the game analyzed the new script as well before the intro.d script. For that I take away 0.1 mark.

Great graphics, especially the one where Dink comes into play. Great gameplay too, because of the puzzles which aren't that difficult to solve for me. Nice MIDI which suited the area you were in and I liked the part where you play in goblin clothes. You also had to play in another DMOD to get an Amulet which was vital for restoring DinkC.

Overall: This is a great game and Dinkers and Dink Smallwood fans should try it out!!