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World of DinkC

May 17th, 2003
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Female Canada
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World of DinkC by Simeon.

Dink must save the world (once again) as a scripting error has the world in dissaray and dying.

The Good: Nice graphics, with a world somewhat run by Goblins. All the baddies are featured here. Money to be found and made. Lots of space bots. Lots of secrets to be solved, and take my advice and have the game saved in a few different spaces, as some mini-quest must be done a certain way, before you can progress. My Gosh, the last Baddie and *friends* was a tough one (a lot of cursing from me). Some nifty puzzles to be solved, which meant using my brain. If there was music, I heard none (speaker problems), but I truly enjoy a dmod where Dink just has to save the world and fix problems.

The Bad: Nothing much really, a few bugs on the puzzles (but the game kept on going) and thinking was required in this game. I had almost finished it, when Simeon had a patch to fix these bugs, but since I had passed them all, I decided to keep on going, as it was not affecting my game.

Overall: A very enjoyable dmod. I recommend it to everyone who likes to play a traditional dmod with a twist.