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Victim of Life

Dink's friend David is the victim of a kidnapping and Dink must save him.

The D-Mod may mention that a gnome stole an axe... but it was really a bonca.

Patch available here.
Released:April 9th, 2006
File Size:229.54 KB
Release Notes:1.1
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July 17th, 2003
Score : 2.9 horrible
Peasant Male
Okay, this was *cough*cough interesting *cough*cough.

Dink goes to save is friend "per" after some random guy barges into the house, grabs "per" and disappears. Funny, the guy doesn't move from the doorway.

STORY: 3 of 10
1)Lots of freakin' grammar errors. At least capitalize your letters. (-5)

2)Second, what kinda name is "per"? Who the heck names their kid "per"? I would feel sorry for that kid... after I got done laughing. Couldn't it have been "Joe", or "Bob"? Guess not... (-2)

MAP: 5 of 10
3) A lot of the screens were empty. 2 3x5 tile sections were barren. (-2)

4) Hardness errors galore! (-2)

5) On the screen where you have to kill the knight, he reappears if you exit and reenter the screen. (-1)

MUSIC: 2 of 10
6) WHAT KINDA MUSIC WAS THAT? I really hope that's not what you listen to in your spare time! (-8)

GRAPHICS: 4 of 10
7) Learn to type in a straight line. Your title screen needs work. (-4)
8) And, I'm sorry if you're colorblind, but the background is black, not red. (-2)

Score out of 10: 2.857

Now, that was pretty good for a D-MOD made by a first-timer (or second) thrown together in 2 hours. But, next time, PICK A BETTER FREAKIN' NAME!
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