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Ultimate Cheat

November 4th, 2006
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Ultimate Cheat v2.01 by Ted Shutes is excellent.

By far the best cheat for Dink out there, it allows you to do a slew of things. You can increase your stats and gold, make Dink teleport, save anywhere you want, make him "fly," unlock a locked screen, and more. My personal favorite is the option to increase the speed at which Dink walks, as I've always thought it was a little too slow. The only negative thing I encountered is that if I use the "kill all enemies on screen" function when there are a lot of enemies on that screen, I crash. I suspect that's more of a problem with my machine, though, and not this cheat.

It's very user-friendly and easy to install, as well. You merely place the "key-67.d" file in your Dink Smallwood story directory, and presto. I do highly suggest renaming your key-##.d file, though. The 67 is default, meaning to bring up the cheat menu in-game, you press the "c" key on your keyboard. Since certain d-mods use that key (Fiat comes to mind), you're going to want to change it. I renamed mine to "key-192.d", so that it comes up when I press the "~" key.

It really is the ultimate cheat.