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Tutorial D-Mod

November 30th, 2002
Score : 4.2 tolerable
Peasant Male
This is indeed a bad tutorial, much worse than I expected. There are lots of hardness errors. The scripts aren't THAT heavily commented, and they are very buggy too. I think EasyDinkC's error check, which isn't even very advanced, found more than 20 bugs in them. Also, apart from the actual bugs, this tutorial is badly scripted. You can for example get as many fireball spells as you want (8 is the maximum, actually) just by talking to the spell man more times. The world is very large and empty too. I bet nobody can learn anything important of this tutorial at all, but I have a few positive things to say. The buttons on the title screen are cool. Some Midis are OK too, but it is annoying with the same one all over the island. The last plus is the humour. It's sooo *cute* ( )! Anyway I wouldn't download this, if I was you. And even though the humour is cool, this is a tutorial, not a D-Mod, after all. Make it better next time, SabreTrout!