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Dink could easily see the trees he 'fertilized' by their nice bluish tint.
August 1st, 2003
Score : 9.3 exceptional
I had a chance to quickly peruse through all the new trees
and was impressed.
Some good points
I like how the shadows have the same feel as the orignal
trees in dinksmallwood. Not absolutely to the pixel, but
hey it's close enough for me.
The use of different shades and colors really adds to the
appeal. For a long while there have been many different
types of tiles and it should be a little easier to find
one to match the setting now.
Some bad points
The only weakness is that the same tree was used to
base all the trees
Meaning that the bottoms of the trees all look the same
even though the may have been rotated an inch or two once
in a while.

My two cents
A well made graphics pack which is a breath of fresh air
from modified original graphics. This pack could have
many varied uses as well. However, it has more uses in
a dmod where you want to have the same tree in different
shades and colors which could be a strong point as well,
but it has more of a feel of being released for more uses
then one. In my honest opinion I give this pack a 9.3
mainly for originality and quality.