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Three Amulets

Dink fights a many-tentacled boss. From the COTPATD project.
February 27th, 2010
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Peasant Male Netherlands xbox
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Three Amulets has a lot of new things which is awesome because I was getting tired of playing D-Mods that only offered a new adventure. Three Amulets did obviously offer a new adventure to be played and had its own story line but I felt the story was like a simple wrap for a neat present, it's not about the wrap but whatever is inside the present. The story was occasionally funny but not very interesting. Three Amulets enhanced the gameplay of dink by adding original boss fights, puzzles, mini games and more. I'll make a list of good and bad things to make things simple.

Good things:

Before you get to see the title screen a neatly drawn picture of Dink standing with a raised fist as if he's ready to face whatever lies in store for him appears. This really got me exited.

There are a lot of new graphics in this D-Mod most of them made by Iplaydink himself. They fit well enough in Dink although most of them have less detail compared to the original ones.

When you level up you receive magic tokens which you can exchange for stat increases or spells. I really liked this since it gives the player more options to choose from allowing the player to build up the way he/she wants. There are also other ways to get tokens like killing a boss. It's a suitable reward since your efforts allow you to improve the way you want to.

The boss fights are awesome. Each boss has to be defeated in a different way, say goodbye to endless hitting and running.

Each temple has its own puzzles and dangers. I would list them all but it's probably better if you see it for yourself. All I can say is that they're fun and make you think more than in a regular D-Mod.

Mini games! Three Amulets has a couple of casino games and a bow game. I just love the bow game. In the bow game you can only aim and fire while being slowly moved in front of some targets (including ducks of course). If your timing and aiming is right you can gain enough points to win a prize. Moving while shooting is quite different than the usual standing still and shooting. This made it a whole new experience that made me want to try it over and over again.

New spells. You can get a healing spell and a flame burst spell. You can also get shadowform. The healing spell proved to be a real life saver since this D-Mod can be quite difficult. Having the healing spell set the balance quite right making it not too easy or too difficult. The flame burst spell hurts all the enemies in the screen. Shadowform is a nice replacement for the hyper boots. When in shadowform you run faster but can't attack.

Mapping is done quite nicely. There are a couple of hardness errors and some water tiles aren't placed correctly but this isn't very bothersome. It's detailed well enough though not extremely. You can also find your way easily but there's still some exploring to do.

Bad things:

The first boss could have been made a bit better since it doesn't take as much effort to defeat it as the others. It was pretty easy even for a first boss since it didn't really require the player to figure out what to do.

There are lots of ways to get gold but barely any to spend it. This is not a big deal really but it really helps to know that collecting gold isn't going to help you much.

Overall I loved playing this D-Mod and I recommend you play it if you havenít yet.