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Scary Beast (The)

Dink learns about the scary beast. From the COTPATD project.
Dink has to kill a scary beast!
Released:July 10th, 2009
File Size:179.47 KB
Release Notes:Scary Beast v0.99.1a
- Mapped the whole D-Mod properly.
- Made this into an actual D-Mod.
- More to do.
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January 30th, 2007
Score : 0.5 horrible
...Just when I thought Glenn was getting better this shlock shows up. I have to be honest and straight-forward, this D-Mod is a total piece of crap. It fails in almost every category, and is not even fun. There have been bad D-Mods in the past that had so many dumb scripting and dialogue errors that they were actually a bit funny- Baywatch Island comes to mind, and Richard's Revenge as well. Unfortunately this one is just bad.
Read on if you would like to find out why:

Wow, boncas are SURE scary! Spoiler alert: A villager asks you to kill a 'Scary Beast', which is actually just your run-of-the-mill bonca. There is almost no dialogue and the people do not have scripts attached to them. The worst thing is that there is no backstory. It really isn't that hard to make a semblance of a plot line. While it might not always be a great plot, it is better than none. Even in 'The Search for the Green Mushroom', you got to know a bit about the characters and their personalities (albiet, very little). The characters in this might as well have been cardboard standups.

I usually don't like to be too critical of a D-Mods map, but this one is quite atrocious. There are basically only two types of screens in this D-Mod. One consists of mismatched grass with a single tree in the center, and the other is a cliff barrier at the north end of the map. These two tiles and pasted all over the map. This would not have been so repugnant on its own except that the map is actually fairly large and only makes the game bigger. This problem is compounded by the fact aforementioned that all the tiles look the same. When I played this I lost my bearings pretty quickly.

Normally, if one was lazy or inexperienced they could just enter 1 into the midi slot for any tile. Glenn didn't even try that hard. What a shame.

BORING! you walk around a terrible map until you find a villager who tells you to save them. Then you wander around the map again until you find the beast and kill it with your fist. This is the only monster on the map, and fighting it is actually rather dull, but it is still the high point of the D-Mod. There is one merit, though- how you win is quite obvious. And winnable it is, which is nice- though in this case you don't achieve much (not even a good ending cinematic). We aren't left guessing, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out what to do.


This is probably not the worst D-Mod ever, but it is definitely the pits. This one makes Glenn's other D-Mods look like POTA. You've been warned: don't download this.