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Rudiments of Scripting (The)

November 8th, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Male
This is a great tutorial for beginner programmers. I literally had NO programming experience, but after I studied this, I could do a lot of the basic commands, but it didnt cover the really need to know commands to make a dmod that looked professional. It could have expanded a little bit more in some areas, like the dinkc math, and global variables, because those are very important, and must be explained the fullest. One really good thing about this tutorial is that it showed how to put it all together, and what a script is composed of. I dont think the author put in enough time to see what he was doing, like repeating commands over and over and over again. He would usually explain the talk command like 10 times in a couple of pages, and he would make scripts in the tutorial that had commands that had already been covered earlier. If this were updated and made less repetitive, it would have been a lot better tutorial for beginner programmers.

Nice dinkC for dummies tutorial - 8.0