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Honor Quest (The)

October 17th, 2006
Score : 9.3 exceptional
This is a spectacular dmod. It is probably a little too difficult, but that is the only flaw I could find.

Style: 10
The map is pretty and the music is good.

Gameplay: 8
I found the game a bit too hard at points; some of the things you have to do are rather random. Because you have to conserve mana, you can't do much fighting. Other than that, the gameplay is good. There are some engaging puzzles, and some cool new spells. I very much liked the end boss.

Story: 10
I didn't get all the endings, but the story seemed good anyways. Martridge has to save the world, as well as marry off some girl Dink knocked up. Good stuff. Funny.

This is my favorite entry in the failure dmod contest, although Fall of Tahmar is also quite nice.