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Hex Pack (The)

October 5th, 2005
Score : 7.4 good
Peasant United States
keep it real 
the second midi pack by XXhx and unfortuneatly i cant say i like it better. theres only so many scales you can do before it starts to get old. i was looking for a little more unique release from xxhex. also everything is way too short. but this does deliver in some other aspects.

altericsnow - F, just totally sucks

fungusblues - B, good drumming expesially at first but the fast drumming doesnt work but the music is fitting for dink environment

hiddenworld - C, i get the intent but its just too slow.

melodic - B, at first its a great tune, reminds me of something id rock out to on the old NES. if the pack was all this uptempo and good i would probably like it a lot more. im not sure about the waves in the breakdown though and it really NEEDS to stay uptempo before maybe a short slow outtro.

missing in health - C, very original dinkish and thats about it, but the latter parts are the better ones, again i stress i just want to see more stuff without pure scales

peg leg mosh pit - C, whoa is this slipknot? crazy double bass on the drums so i cant really even concentrate on the music. not my style.

serene madness - A, very creepy and stuff and its a good midi for what its susposed to be.

tainted harmony - B, a good battle sequence but the slow breakdown really needs to pick back up a lot faster for it to work like that