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Hex Pack (The)

This is my new midi pack...
It only has 8 midis this time but the next one will be at least 12.
This midi pack should be better than my old one.

Released:September 30th, 2005
File Size:10.74 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
October 7th, 2005
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male
Well I Review my own midis because they hard work to create and i think they are pretty cool. but i agree with some of the things joshriot says.
They would be better if i wasn't using a trial version to make them.
I am limited to some of the things i wanted to do. But you have to admit, they are pretty nice for midi and stuff.
serene madness-- I tried to make sort of a scary waisteland like sound to it. Pretty difficult to create.

alteric snow-- It is kind of random but I think it is beutiful for that winter type of stuff.

hidden world-- I wanted this to sound mysterious and relaxing.. but I had problems making the ending.

melodic-- Neat little riff I came up with while playing my guitar.. I thought that I should put it a midi song.. All in all, it's a pretty positive song.

tainted harmony-- well this song is one of my Metal midis.. All of the riffs i came up with playing my guitar and the solos. Tried my best with the drums but im getting tired of the whole double bass thing. im going to start using more rock n' roll type of drumwork. This one took a lot of work as well but not as much work as I had put into melodic and fungus blues.

peg leg mosh pit-- well sort of intended for this one to be a boss battle song for dink. In my opinion boss battle music is in the ear of the beholder and I feel that boss music should be fast because it gives me that sense of exitement.

missing in health-- I intended this song to be like a sad ending for dink.
not much to say about this one except its kind of happy.. not what I wanted
in it but everone makes mistakes.

fungus blues-- I put a hell of a lot of work in this but, it could of been so much better if I could make the ending blend better and I accidently put those fast drums in when I inserted my copyright sting.
But I think that this song is beutiful.

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