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Fountain of Life (The)

From the COTPATD project.
April 19th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Hi. It's Christian here, the author. Nice to see that people still play that demo. It was a long time since i made and released it.

I know of the bug with the saving.. i asked a lot of people for help and noone could explain what was wrong, because the bug doesnt happen all the time, and some people seem to have no problems at all.

I understand that you may think that the story isnt what it's supposed to be. In fact, i had a pretty big story in my mind when i made the demo... it would be pretty big and that fountain should be a very important part. The thing i wanted to have in the demo was that thing prison, which i liked and still like alot..

I have much to do in school now, im finishing the "Gymnasium" here in about 1,5 months. So i dont know if or when i will start working on this again.

As you may have noticed ive been away from the Dink scene for a long time...

The emailaccount mentioned in the demo has been deleted for some reason, my new email is if you would like to contact me.


/ Christian