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Adventures of Dink Bigwood (The)

June 24th, 2005
Score : 6.8 fair
Peasant He/Him Romania
Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice. 
It's not a masterpiece, but since it's a "first DMOD", I think it's good.

Story: 8.0
Interesting... Dink wants to save Johny, and ends by killing him.
Maybe it's a bit too short, but it's funny.

Gameplay: 6.0
Maybe I'm not so good in battles, but I think the monsters are too strong(or maybe I didn't find all the potions and hearts). By the other hand, the tasks are easy, so you don't have to walk around, ask yourself what to do...

Map: 5.0
The bad part upon the map is that you don't know where it ends. It should be bordered with some trees or rocks, to let the player know that there's the end. Sometimes, I had the impression that some screens were missing.

Music: 9.0
The music is good, and fits the situations.

Scripts: 6.0
Well... not so good. You should use some global variables, to set what people say, in different situations.
For example, at the beging of the game, you talk with Jonny, he tells you that the army arrives, you go and see it, then you go back to Johny's place, and he tells you again about the army. Also, in the screen with the army, there are some people that doesn't talk. They should say at least "What a great army", or "Cool".
At the end boss, when you talk to him, you can't use the space key to get the next words, so it's quite boring.
The dialogs are good and they have humor(I liked the part with the duck).

Overall: 6.8
Sorry for so many critics. I liked the game, but it has good parts and bad parts. I mentioned the bad ones and I want to let the player to discover the good ones.
Good job, DinkDragon!
January 23rd, 2019
Score : 5.0 fair
Well, there are a few hardness errors, grammar is bad, the title screen looks badly drawn and there are a few bugs. The story is nothing special, the mapping is okay. There are a few secrets, and they are rewarding. It's okay for a first D-Mod. To be honest, I can't really think anything but one word to describe this D-Mod: mediocre. There's really nothing special in this D-Mod. I would only recommend it if you ran out of good D-Mods to play.
February 11th, 2006
Score : 8.3 good
Peasant He/Him Norway
GlennGlenn doesn't want a custom title. 
This D-Mod was sweet to be DinkDragons first D-Mod, I ecpesially liked the midis from FF7, but there are several hardness bugs and some Depth Que bugs in it, and the map was hardly decorated at all, there we're placs where there was nothing, but you still couldn't go to the next screen, those places should atleast be filled with trees or something. The plot was fair enough, Dinks friend get carried away by goblins and DInk gets a nasty surprise when he meets Johnny again. The size of the D-Mod was ok for his first D-Mods, I think I made this D-Mod in 20 minuttes. There was no new graphics, just the same 'ol Dink Smallwood graphics. I like that

Overall: This D-Mod is good for DinkDragons first D-Mod and is totaly worth to play
August 1st, 2005
Score : 5.9 fair
This dmod had quite a few errors and the script wasn't too pretty. There were also some spelling errors, but the story was good. The last boss should have been a little easier, it took me a few tries before I beat him, other than that I thought this dmod was OK.
June 7th, 2005
Score : 5.2 fair
Peasant He/Him United States
The world could always use more heroes 
I'll be the first to review this D-Mod and on the day it came out. For a first D-Mod, it's not that bad because he has at least put in MIDIs. On some parts of the mod, he uses the same script over and over. And he uses the script from the KernSin bow guy from the original Dink Smallwood. There are several hardness errors and a few graphics errors. But it is pretty good. Ratings...

Plot 5.1
Graphics 4.8
Storyline 5.2
Midis 5.3
Lasting Appeal 5.6
Overall 5.2

For a first D-Mod it's pretty good but it could be a lot better. No offence. I think people should try it out. It's seriosly not too bad.
June 7th, 2005
Score : 4.8 tolerable
Peasant She/Her
Many many hardness errors and barely anything is scripted. The scene with the duck; you can't push space or you get stuck on that screen. The end boss is very hard to beat, but I also did not find the spell. The plot is decent, but lacks humour and proper grammar techniques.

Good first d-mod, but it could use many improvements.