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well, Im Dinkdragon, the little iritating guy that ask questions about scripts every hour (at least how i think it)

well, im fourteen and live in sweden, my real name are Gustav englund, and i like... Shoe shops (they smell nice!),and of course, Dink Smallwood!

i don't know which d-mod i shall make,
so i'll just edit some and maybe come up with something terrific!

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2005-06-14 03:25:17
well this is how I think

About keep them! it's fun to have! Archives hmmm... nah... pretty useless, in the trash can! Articles throw it, some articles only say "nothing" Awards well, why not? It's fun too se wich D-mod that got award! keep it Blogs BORING! throw away. Community Fund No way! It's offline anyway. throw away Contributors It's good to se what people have done, keep it Events well, i can't tell, as it says "page not found" Features Not that much, throw it away! Help Of course! Why wouldn't we have a help sector, keep it Links not so much, it's pretty useless, throw it Polls that's a must for websites, keep it Previews throw it, i don't use it anyway Rules We need rules (dang!) keep it Screenshots yeah keep em' Staff they only say "lazyness" throw away if they won't write more. Submitting could be good to have, keep em' Upload of course! We mus't play D-mod's! keep em!

well, half shall be decapicated and half shall remain.

Dinkdragon has released 2 files

An Age Of DarknessD-Mod, RompFair 6.7July 12th, 2005
Adventures of Dink Bigwood (The)D-Mod, RompFair 6.0June 6th, 2005

Dinkdragon has written 6 reviews

I Think This Pack is Pretty Good TreasuryNormalGood 7.5August 11th, 2005
Well StarDinkNormalGood 8.0June 25th, 2005
Well Counter Strike CTFNormalFair 5.6June 25th, 2005
This D-Mod is Really Nice Blood ScorpionsNormalGood 8.7June 14th, 2005
Actually Bane of the MagiNormalExceptional 9.9June 8th, 2005
Hello Prophecy of the AncientsNormalExceptional 9.2May 10th, 2004