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Super Midi Pack

September 10th, 2002
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Female
This pack contains 29 midiís in 6 folders, namely boss, emotion, fight, misc, town and wilderness.

Boss consists of akuma, boss, boss1, boss2, boss3, boss4, rumble and starwolf.
None of them has a loop.
Akuma could do well in an intro, boss is a good tune for a fight, as is boss1 but this one is very fast.
Boss2 resembles boss1, but is even faster. Boss3, boss4 and rumble are somewhat nerve-racking and could do well in a fight. Starwolf gives the impression of action.
Emotion consists of robomix and sad.
They do not have a loop.
Robomix is relaxed and calm, and sad is very calm.

Fight consists of Battlev11, CTBattle-2, mm2-wood and samba.
Only CTBattle-2 has a loop.
I found Battlev11 quite nerve-racking. CTBattle-2 and mm2-wood could be used well in a fight, since it gives the impression of action. Samba, is, like the name says, dance music; it is very cheerful.

Misc consists of alien, cttrial, FireManR, gangsta, gemini, Icecap, mm2bubbl, scat and snkman.
Gemini has a loop, and cttrial could be used as a loop since the music fades.
Alien and scat could be used in a fight. Cttrial is the sort of music that reminds me of a detective strolling around and looking for clues. FireManR is a bit eerie and the tension builds. Gangsta is the music from Coolio: Gangstaís Paradise. I thought Gemini to be quite uninteresting. Icecap gives the impression of action. Mm2bubbl is relaxing music, and snkman is a combination of creepy and action.

Town consists of ctfair, dizzy, streets and travel.
None of them has a loop.
Ctfair is the sort of music that I would use when the hero returns to his village after having done some heroic deeds: it is cheerful and calm. Dizzy is clearly medieval music. Streets give the impression of tension building, and travel is indeed about travelling: I can just imagine the hero that goes out on a quest.

Wilderness consist of cave, forest and travel2.
They do not have real loops, although forest could be used as one, since the music fades.
Cave gives the impression of excitement. Forest is calm and relaxing, but has this undertone of some eerie-magical things that are about to happen. Travel2 resembles travel and is calm and relaxing.

Overall: A midiís pack that is quite varied and that could be used in several different situations. That they have been categorised is a plus. My favourite is cttrial, but starwolf and CTBattle-2 are very good too.
June 1st, 2004
Score : 7.9 good
This pack contains 16 midis, and their overall quality is good. They have been divided in categorys, so they're pretty easy to use. The only limitation is the midis have to fit the situation. you can't use a boss midi in the middle of a game, when there's absolutely no danger. I find it to be very hard to find usable midis, so midi packs like this are always useful. Keep up the good work Sabre!
July 25th, 2002
Score : 6.9 fair
Peasant Male
Some very good midis here, but some not too good, I did not like these as they are public domain and not SabreTrouts midis. I also found some of them very boring as they loop too much. To add to my previous review, I found some of these midis were not even very good quality. There were, however, some very good midis that I did like, for example lots of the boss music, Sabre has selected some good midis from the web.
June 7th, 2002
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Male Australia
There are some nice pieces in this pack. At least one I'd already picked to use for my upcoming DMOD - Pilgrim's Quest. So there's some common taste here for me which is always enjoyable.

The other plus for this midi pack is the fact that they have been categorised. I like this very much.
June 2nd, 2002
Score : 9.7 exceptional
These are all quality. Though I couldn't use near all of them for (one of) my dmod(s), They really did come in handy. I renamed them all for compatibility with DinkEdit, so I can't be too specific. Most of them are kind of more targeted towards larger games, but I found a few I could use for my D-MOD "The Alton Inn". These are all great; and suitable for any type of game. -AmoebaLord