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Stone of Balance

February 27th, 2006
Score : 8.5 good
Nice D-Mod.

Graphics. The scorpion is new, and when I saw Dink in quicksand I realized that he wasn't making graphics with Paint. And, there are also... some... Down to the next subject.

Music. I can say nothing else but that it's good. There was a new music which made me jump.

Sound. Well, nothing new, so you can't really put much in here.

Story. Nice, as always. 7 adventures in 1 D-Mod. I just cannot put more into it.

Map. Big. And somehow entertaining.

Gameplay. Not too hard, but there are so many cheats.

Overall. Waiting for the next D-Mod... or, well, Necromancer right now...

Total. 8.5 is what I give.