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Revenge of the Pigs

October 17th, 2003
Score : 4.5 tolerable
Peasant Male Sweden
I have played version 1.3

Story: The slaughter have slain almost every pig on the island where the pig named Kirg (the player) lives. Kirg's father sends his son on a quest to kill the slaughter.

Good: Even though it's only a romp it has an intro- and an end-cutsceen
and you can finish the game. The map is ok. The game has a story and it's easy to understand.

Bad: It's to short! It's not much to do, and the gameplay is straightforward.

Bugs: I only found one bug (Kirg still talks about going east and slay the pillbug, even after he killed it).

Conclusion: The game is OK, but to short. If Glenn had made just 3-4 more puzzles and/or added some more people to talk to and/or some more monster to kill or just anything more I had given it a higher score.

Score: 4.5