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Power Of Blood

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July 9th, 2012
Power Of Blood V1.2
Score : 9.5 exceptional
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Love! True love! 
After doing a playthrough of this D-Mod and stating in the first part that "you guys should go review Power of Blood", I thought it would be a bit hypocritical of me to leave this gem without a review. Without further delay:

The story of this D-Mod is summed up sufficiently in its description:

Taking place shortly after the events of the original game, Dink goes on a brief holiday to get away from his adoring fans. However, shortly after he arrives, the Cast turn up and spoil the fun (Read: Kill everyone in sight and burn their houses). So, ever the hero, Dink visits an ancient temple to see if he can find a way to defeat the Cast once more...

A variant of the familiar theme theme that Dink grows weary of all the fame and fortune, and sets out to a peaceful location to relax. Pretty standard, right? Well, after the Cast attack, things get more interesting. You learn of an ancient temple built by three people who sought to rid the world of all evil. Then-...actually, this game is fairly short and worth all the time you put into it. I'm going to let you play through the rest.

Since this is a romp, I crammed graphics, tiles, mapping, etc. into one category. Saying that, the atmosphere of this D-Mod was fantastic. The mapping was creative, sprites were used in original ways, and I actually enjoyed just looking at most of the screens. The (albeit small) map is decorated very nicely, with no boring areas or awkward placement of sprites. The Athlete's Trial in particular was absolutely amazing. As far as I could tell, there were no hardness errors, badly placed doors, sticks you couldn't walk over, etc. Things that aren't really game-breaking, but can bring you out of the experience.

Considering this was an entry to the Carnage Contest, where you would expect nothing more than hacking and slashing your way through hordes of enemies, the gameplay of this D-Mod was actually very intuitive. From the standard fighting to jumping through the purple-fireball towers in the Athlete's Trial, Power of Blood really brought its A-Game(play).

Bad Things
There were only a few things that I would consider improving in this D-Mod:
*Typos: There were a few typos throughout the game, and although this is a problem in at least part of every D-Mod ever, it was awkward for me since I had to read them out loud
*Slayer Bug: To avoid spoilers, I'm going to make this fairly vague: In the final part of the Warrior's Trial, you can still open your inventory, allowing you to use other items. It won't break the game, but you can cheat with it if you encounter it.
*Smilestein's Text Color: It's grey, and most of his lines were in a grey cave. 'nuff said.

This was an excellent, excellent D-Mod, and it earned its titles of "Best D-Mod of Q2 2011" and "Winner of the Community Carnage Contest 2011". The parts that were good were great, and the parts that were bad were only slightly bothersome. If you haven't played this D-Mod yet, do it now. No, seriously. Right now.

August 8th, 2015
Power Of Blood V1.1
Score : 7.4 good
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Story: Dink goes on a vacation to a place that is so under guarded that a pillbug could wreck havoc, but that's no problem to him. It turns out that some evil wizard wants to hunt Seth, but since Dink killed him first he's the bad guy so the wizard plans to kill Dink so he can prove himself as a great magician. *Spoiler* Also in the bonuses the slaughterhouse has a perfect story of murdering everything in the Duck room.
Graphics: Everything was in it's place more or less & there were a few new graphics like the space areas' sparkles & some other stuff. It's decent overall.
Music: The music fit in place overall except in the slaughterhouse, it could have been a little more metal. Also during the Explorer's area the music took about a minute before it would loop again.
Length: It wasn't too long in the main game, but with 2 endings & a bonus section it can take you longer, the slaughterhouse is the main beef of the game if you're going for Carnage at least.
Bugs: There wasn't anything that I noticed
Notes: The main bad thing is during the temple section it seemed to lose the Carnage element except during the Warrior's area & the game could of tried to fit in more endings, but the developers could have been low on time.

People who should play: Anyone who wants to see Smilestein again, try to find all the bonuses or make use of the slaughterhouse should play this game.