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January 19th, 2010
Score : 6.3 fair
Peasant Male United States
In memory of Skull. 
This is basically a mario clone using the dink engine, this file seems to be intended for demonstration purposes only.

Gameplay: Could use some fine-tuning, movement and jumping seems rusty and not very suitable. It makes it impossible to cross certain spike patches, too. Controls were also slightly confusing (using B instead of up to jump is strange).
EDIT: Moving platforms are a nice touch, but it's still rusty.

Graphics: Crappy, but this is probably just show graphics as an example, but they could still be better.

Good: There are instructions enclosed on how to implement in your own d-mod, which is nice.

Bad: Movement and graphics leave much to be desired, but the movement matters more.

Awesome: Superjumps on moving platforms!!

Overall: A mediocre demonstration of an ingenius use of the Dink engine, and it seems to be making progress.

Fit for: D-mod developers who want to implement an irregular gameplay style, and are willing to live with the rusty mechanics or fix it themselves.