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Pilgrim's Quest

February 26th, 2006
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Wow. A good D-Mod at last.

Graphics. Well, when you think about it, there was no pillbugs. No boncas. No slayers. No dragons. No rock mosters. No slimes. Instead, there was a bunch of new enemies. New houses, trees, weapons, and... well, new sprites. Nice.

Music. I forgot to take that into account... it has been a while since I played PQ so I forgot the MIDIs. I only remember the music near the end of the game, and it suited well.

Sounds. The same with music. Forgot it. Dang.

Humour. Why have I forgotten everything about this D-Mod?! Or then there was humour that I didn't even notice. It was kinda the same as the original Dink Smallwood.

Story. Good, but when you realize that you have actually saved the world and finished the game at the start just by answering differently, well... you might be a little disappointed.

Gameplay. Not too hard nor too easy. But I got terribly stuck just when I entered the first village. Why did Simon have to make such an innoticeable kind of a crystal?

Overall. When I saw the D-Mod and read the description, I thought "Escort? dang boring. I won't download it". The fact was that it was almost no escort at all. Mostly, it's rather seeking Stella. So watch out for boring looking descriptions which are actually false.

Total. 9.9, But I'd give it 10.