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Pilgrim's Quest

Time to Die Vine attack!
September 14th, 2008
Score : 9.6 exceptional
So this is the 2nd part of sob...I didn't know that this is a 2nd part until "The Thinker" took of those clothes.This is what i call a good d-mod, but one problem : too many riddles .
Good:Almost Everything:3 new stats; new graphics,story,and so...
Bad:Too many riddles (it freaks me out)
Fit for:Everyone who wants a good adventure.
Anyway here is what i think about graphics and stuff like that.
Graphic 10:
Some great new graphic. The old ones are nice used too.
Music 9.8:
I think there are some new musics, but not 100% sure.
Story 9.7:
Dink gives a lady a promise to take here to some place (didn't remember the name of the place). On the way the blue thingy showed up and took the lady. Dink must find her.
Ending 8.7:
Quite good.
Overall 9.6:
I enjoyed playing this d-mod very much.